How to Share Music Playlists Using Web with Family and Friends

Finding new playlists and sharing it with your friends and acquaintances is indeed an exciting plan of all time. There are a lot of websites that enable you to create playlists, and most importantly, share it with your family and friends. The music on these platforms can be downloaded as well, and it has a set of whole other features that makes it interesting to use.

Let us get into details:

  1. 8tracks

8tracks is not a very well known or popular website amongst the audience. Yet, it has excellent features to look upon and two versions, normal and premium. The normal version is the unpaid one, while the premium version is paid. You can share music with both the versions, and there is no need to switch to premium for the same.

8tracks gives you automated playlists, which means you don’t have to save song-by-song to create a playlist. All you need to do is select a mood, and genre for your playlist and it’ll automatically present you options for the same.

  1. Playlists.Net

If you want to access music via Playlists.Net, you’ll need a Spotify account as well. Therefore, go to its website only if you hold a Spotify account via which you’ll be able to create and subscribe to different playlists.

Playlists.Net presents top playlists daily that you can discover if you’re a keen listener of new music.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is referred to as one of the best platforms to discover and create playlists. It is popular, and not just this, it has left iTunes behind.

You can create a new playlist in the ‘File’ menu. Next, click on the ‘New Playlist’ and assign a name to your new folder. You can keep adding whatever songs you like or want to listen to in the future.

Spotify offers you three options to work with that are sharing your playlist, copy-pasting the URL and share, and creating a collaborative playlist. The last option enables all the people in the collaboration to make changes to the playlist.

  1. r/SpotifyPlaylists and r/Playlists

Reddit has a lot of playlists and vast music to share with your friends and family. With the help of r/SpotifyPlaylists, you can create your own playlists as well, and share it with the audience.

On the other hand, r/playlists enable you to discover playlists from other platforms too, rather than Spotify and share it with the audience.

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